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> If you have something that works to some extent
> and approximately does what you want, feel free to
> send it to list for comments even if you aren't
> yet happy with it.
> Thanks Eero, I'll do that. Progress is a bit slow because of, well, life,
but I'm getting there.


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<div dir=3D"ltr"><br><div class=3D"gmail_quote"><div dir=3D"ltr" class=3D"g=
mail_attr">On Fri, 8 May 2020 at 22:56, Eero Tamminen &lt;<a href=3D"mailto=
:oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx">oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</a>&gt; wrote:<br></div><blockquote=
 class=3D"gmail_quote" style=3D"margin:0px 0px 0px 0.8ex;border-left:1px so=
lid rgb(204,204,204);padding-left:1ex">Hi,<br>
I think rest of the debugger has grown organically little by little, and <b=
as a result, it is crusty...<br>
<br></blockquote><div>Thanks for the background. For the starting patch I&#=
39;ll probably only implement a couple of commands (probably disasm, memory=
, regs, possibly simple breakpoints) an establish the basic syntax and a so=
rt of &quot;core loop&quot;. Then the other commands can go in on an as-req=
uired basis because I&#39;m sure you and others have much more experience i=
n the requirements.</div><div><br></div><blockquote class=3D"gmail_quote" s=
tyle=3D"margin:0px 0px 0px 0.8ex;border-left:1px solid rgb(204,204,204);pad=

Is there some language / toolkit that you would<br>
prefer for debugger GUI (over Python / Gtk)?<br>
I&#39;m not fixated on debugger GUI being part of<br>
the Hatari Python GUI...<br>
<br></blockquote><div>I don&#39;t have strong preference.</div><div><br></d=
iv><div>Personally I would be most pleased at anything that is cross-platfo=
rm, easily shippable for a release, and has a good response time. I end up =
using both Linux (at home) and Windows (at work) when I&#39;m coding, and I=
 much prefer Hatari to Steem even on Windows (I trust the code more :).=C2=
=A0 I also collaborate with several people who use Macs.<br></div><div><br>=
</div><div>From experience it can get really painful if single-stepping and=
 refresh is too slow, but that not be down to the GUI platform. So I&#39;ll=
 test with python and GTK and see how well it fits.<br></div><div>=C2=A0<br=
></div><blockquote class=3D"gmail_quote" style=3D"margin:0px 0px 0px 0.8ex;=
border-left:1px solid rgb(204,204,204);padding-left:1ex">
If you have something that works to some extent<br>
and approximately does what you want, feel free to<br>
send it to list for comments even if you aren&#39;t<br>
yet happy with it.<br>
<br></blockquote><div>Thanks Eero, I&#39;ll do that. Progress is a bit slow=
 because of, well, life, but I&#39;m getting there.</div><div><br></div><di=


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