[hatari-devel] patch: Add some missing include directives

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while experimenting with emscripten, i found some minor issues not directly 
related to emscripten itself, but merely due to the fact that it is using a 
different c-library. In some places, macros/functions where used without 
excplicitly including the corresponding header files. Attached patch should 
fix that.

There are also some minor things that could be fixed:

- in .gitignore, Debug/* should be added, just like Release/*
- the configure script deletes `dirname $0`/CMakeCache.txt but imho that is 
nonsense. CMakeCache.txt is written to the current directory, not to the 
directory configure resides in. If you build in a dedicated directory like 
Release, that won't remove anything. Same for the CMakeFiles directory.

The clang compiler used there also spits out several warnings, especially in 
the debug build, but those are not addressed yet.

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