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I've pushed this.  IMHO I've provided pretty good / easy step-by-step
instructions now for building & testing Linux under Hatari.

I'm a bit surprised how buggy m68k Linux seems, see the "Bugs / TODO"
section at beginning of:

	- Eero

Next weeks I'll be discussing the kernel issues on Debian m68k list,
looking at the missing Hatari NVRAM regs support, disasm/memdump issues
with --lilo, trying kernels which have more features needed by Debian,
maybe try building my W window system for m68k Linux and see whether
it works under Hatari.

On 3/26/19 1:41 AM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
I've been updating the documentation and added few helper scripts
for building test root file systems, but I need to:
* test them properly more before pushing them
* test few issues before reporting them to m68k upstream

I case somebody's interested to take a look, the latest patch
series is attached.

     - Eero

On 3/23/19 2:27 AM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
Finally got Linux booting successfully to shell.

I'm now using Geert's kernel, but I think the main issue was just
getting a working kernel configuration.  There was something causing
oopses in the old one.

I also never got ramfs booting working correctly, but booting with
IDE rootfs i.e. what was working on real device, works now. [1]

Attached are working config, and bootlog from where you can see
Hatari options.

IDE content was just busybox in bin/, made into a FAT file system
with atari-hd-image script coming with Hatari, so it wasn't very
useful. :-)

After I've tested few extra things and updated/cleaned the docs a bit,
I'll push the updated patches in, if there are no further comments /
objections about them.

[1] Trying to boot with that same FAT rootfs that works through IDE,
from a floppy, never finished. I just got warnings from m68k kernel
soft-watchdog every few minutes that things were (still) stuck
somewhere. -> I think kernel itself is buggy in some configs.

     - Eero

On 3/21/19 1:35 AM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
I got Linux starting enough that it showed logs also in Atari screen,
not just debug console, and it tried running init, at which point it
got NULL pointer Oops.  Log attached.

I got this by building few days old Linux Git from upstream:

Using the attached kernel config.

(Maybe the Debian 3.6 & 4.9 binary kernels I tried earlier enabled
some extra HW which probing disagrees with Hatari.)

This new kernel build some weird extra objects for which there were
no config options (e.g. some ARM omap stuff), but I didn't check
whether linker discarded those from final binary or not.

I'll probably try Geert's (m68k arch maintainer) kernel next:
And try to get newer m68k initrd content.

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