Re: [hatari-devel] Linux bootup issues in Hatari

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On 3/17/19 9:04 AM, Thorsten Otto wrote:
BTW have to think about what checks regarding TT-RAM should be implemented

Ok i just tried. Guess you can't get it perfect. Currently,

bool load_to_fastram = bx_options.lilo.load_to_fastram && FastRAMSize > 0;

already ensures that the kernel is only loaded in FastRAM when it is
configured (load_to_fastram only applies to kernel, not to ramdisk).

I was thinking of adding separate fastram flags for kernel & initrd
to Hatari lilo code, because I think having kernel in ST-RAM and
initrd in fastram is config one might want to try.

But even
if i add some checks e.g whether the kernel size does not exceed the Fast-
Ramsize, there are situations where both will fit in memory, but leaving only
less than 1MB of free memory. In that case, i don't get a segfault, but the
kernel panics rather early. The missing checks might be the reason that you
got a segfault, if your kernel is larger than mine.

But i think this is only a matter for debugging purposes. In practise, there
is no reason to not configure a decent amount of TT-RAM.

Real HW doesn't necessarily have decent amount of TT-RAM.

Use-case is making a stripped down Linux kernel + user-space that
can actually run on real HW.  That should be faster to do & debug
in emulator than on real HW, once everything works in emulator. :-)

Anyway, pushed a few extra checks.

I don't see them in

	- Eero

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