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Eero Tamminen schrieb:

> I forgot to mention that one more option besides midi/serial/printer,
> is using NatFeats STDERR:
> That would work with Aranym too, but requires on Hatari
> "--natfeats on" option.

Just a small question: I assume that the "TODO: test this" in the ASM
driver for NatFeats can be safely ignored, i.e., the code is proven to
work? I don't want to debug the NatFeats driver but my own routines.

> BIOS intercept is deprecated (because it provides too much control
> for a thing running under emulation; if it wants, it could use that
> to overwrite any file which Hatari process has write access to).

It was clear to me that I must only use BIOS intercept with trustworthy
code. In that case I see no security risk.
Suggestion: please mention that fact that it's deprecated the in the manual.

> If you want more speed, use also:
> 	--fastfdc on --timer-d on --sound off

Thanks, I'll add that.

> Did you consider just forking Hatari's

Afaik, it relies on functions not provided by the Python standard
library under Windows. I decided it would be faster to write my own test
rig than to figure out what needs to be changed in code that is not
mine. Yet, looks like a really feature-rich test program,
so if someone is considering automated testing, he should definitively
check it out.

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