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Hi Thomas,

I've shared a lot of links to our Mercurial repository, both at
Atari-forum and there are several links in our repository too:
	$ git grep mercurialroot

I can convert links in the repository to point to the git repository,
but there are few problems:

* People using Hatari releases; their links point still to Mercurial
  repository, so it would be good if that repository (at least doc/
  directory) would still remain e.g. for a year or two, if possible

* TuxFamily Git nginx server isn't configured to provide correct
  content types for Git repository, only for Mercurial one.
  See for example:
  - https://git.tuxfamily.org/hatari/hatari.git/plain/doc/manual.html
- https://hg.tuxfamily.org/mercurialroot/hatari/hatari/raw-file/tip/doc/manual.html

	$ grep -e ^Server -e ^Content-Type manual.html.*
	manual.html.git:Server: nginx/1.6.2
	manual.html.git:Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
	manual.html.hg:Server: nginx/1.6.2
	manual.html.hg:Content-Type: text/html; charset=""UTF-8""

Could you ask TuxFamily maintainers to provide correct content types
for the Git repo files too?

(Another alternative could be to have some kind of automatic export
to the web-site for the doc/ directory.)

	- Eero

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