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On 2/9/19 2:15 PM, Thorsten Otto wrote:
On Samstag, 9. Februar 2019 00:31:53 CET Eero Tamminen wrote:
I'm not getting TOS 3.00 to boot in Hatari TT emulation:

It's just looping on some MFP register:
$00e01ed4 : cmp.l  $04ba.w,d7      24.95%
$00e01ed8 : bcs.s  $e01eea         24.95%
$00e01eda : btst   #5,$fffffa01.w  24.95%
$00e01ee0 : bne.s  $e01ed4         24.95%

Thats a bit strange, because almost the same sequence can be found in TOS

[00e019ec] b0b8 04ba                 cmp.l     $04ba.w,d0
[00e019f0] 650c                      bcs.s     00e019fe
[00e019f2] 0838 0005 fa01            btst      #5,$FA01.w
[00e019f8] 66f2                      bne.s     $e019ec

It's purpose is to wait for a dma transfer to complete, with a timeout of
either 3sec or 1/10 sec (the values are shortly before that sequence). Maybe
something is going wrong with the 200hz timer?

Weird. I'm not anymore able to reproduce the problem, even with
the previous Hatari build.

I have no idea what could have changed, only thing that should
have changed in between is few unrelated distro security updates.

Thanks anyway for checking this!!!

	- Eero

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