[hatari-devel] antartica.no Windows build: Issues with libreadline8.dll

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as you know, I'm a happy user of Christer's Hatari builds on
antarctica.no, given that -- due to CMake -- I find it quite a hassle to
build Hatari myself from source under Windows.

Recently, I noticed two issues with the debugger using these builds:
- The backspace key does not work anymore. It *advances* the cursor,
like the space key would do.
- Sometimes Hatari crashes (with stack corruption) when breaking into
the debugger. I cannot pinpoint exactly when this happens, though.

Both issues seem to coincide with the recent switch to libreadline8.dll
(from libreadline7.dll). I don't know whether these are bugs in
libreadline or whether something in Hatari only triggers a bug with a
newer version of libreadline.

The official 2.2.1 build (using libreadline6.dll) is not affected.
Maybe, Christer, could you please switch back to libreadline7.dll for
the time being? I'm afraid I only have limited time to investigate the
root cause.


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