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Le 10/02/2019 à 03:03, Thorsten Otto a écrit :
On Sonntag, 10. Februar 2019 02:54:46 CET Thorsten Otto wrote:

Oh, almost forgot: one of the main reasons why this happens, is because i
normally use a configuration for either STE or TT. When switching to ST mode,
and loading some tos 1.x version, i always get that double-bus fault when i
forget to enable 24bit addressing (because the expection handler in the rom
there puts the exception number in the high 8 bits of the PC, which results in
an immediate bus error again when fetching the next instruction). IMHO, for
TOS 1.x, 24-bit addressing should be forced on.


I thought it was already the case but in fact 68000 cpu should imply 24 bit address mode, as there's no real STF/STE that uses 68000 and 32 bit addressing (and even for the Falcon, the 68030 that atari chose is also limited to 24 bit adressing, unlike the TT one).

I will look into this later.


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