Re: [hatari-devel] Patch to fix disassembler

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On Samstag, 12. Januar 2019 15:40:30 CET Thomas Huth wrote:
> Why is it not enabled for
> 68020 and 68030, they could have a PMMU, too?

I think this is because Hatari has a separate option whether MMU is emulated 
for 030.

>And why is the MC_PMMU macro the very same as the MC_FPU macro??

Don't ask me, i did not write that code ;) As mentioned, i could not figure 
out yet why CINVA/CPUSHA are not correctly disassembled. But they are not used 
that much, so i did not look much further.

Its also questionable whether you need 2 separate disassemblers. The output 
from the other looks a bit strange because it sometimes uses the internal 
names from generating the tables, but that could be fixed i guess.

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