Re: [hatari-devel] GEMDOS bug: 5.10.2 Tgetdate off by one day, 5.10.3 Tgettime reports wrong time

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Charles Curley schrieb:

> Date is one day slow. I.e.: today is 24 December (Mountain, aka Denver,
> in North America). The date reported is 23 December.
> The time should be the local time. Instead it appears to be time since
> the Hatari VM booted. E.g.: I booted the Hatari VM 30 minutes ago, so
> the time shows as approximately 0:30:00. You can confirm this by
> "rebooting' the VM (select "Reset Machine" in the Hatari main menu).
> Also, the emuTOS boot splash screen reports the same incorrect time
> (00:00:00) and date.

In Hatari, if you want to use your host's local time, you have to
emulate a machine *with* real time clock (e.g. MegaST). If, on the
contrary, you select an ST, at powerup EmuTOS will behave like on a real
ST, which doesn't have a RTC, either. I.e. EmuTOS will set the IKBD date
to its compile date (which probably was just one day off) and the IKBD
time to 00:00:00.

I have confirmed that on an emulatated MegaST the host's time is used.
So everythings works as expected.

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