Re: [hatari-devel] New to Hatari; bugs?

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Le 18/12/2018 à 19:40, Charles Curley a écrit :
I am new to Hatari. Many years ago, I ported a version of Forth to the
Atari ST, then used that for product development. So my interest is not
quite a gamer's interest.

I am using hatari 2.0.0+dfsg-3 on Debian.

I have noticed several problems. More generally, where do I file bug
reports, and how do I get the source?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to Hatari !

the main project page is here :

from there you have links, including sources here :

So you can get the current devel version and build it yourself if you want to test the latest changes / improvements / bugs removal (compiling under linux is fairly easy)

As for the bug reports, we don't have a ticket system as there's not enough volume and the general usage over yearss is to post bugs on hatari-devel mailing list.


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