Re: [hatari-devel] Small patch to add some partition IDs for auto-detection of byteswapped images

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> > According to AHDI documentation, "XGM" (extended) partition cannot
> > be the first one, because HD cannot booted from it.
> Maybe not on the harddisk were you booted from, but on any other. And maybe 
> HDDRIVER is even able to boot from such partition, that's merely the task of 
> the driver.

No, HDDRIVER cannot boot from such a partition. They are not meant to be
booted from. They are just the equivalent of extended partitions as you
find them with DOS/WINDOWS/Linux etc. Just a means to support more than
just a few (4) partitions on the actual root sector.
But an XGM partition might be the first one, that's legal. In this case
the hard disk driver will boot from the second (or third or forth)
partition, provided it is bootable. The driver (at least no one I know
of) will NOT boot from any partition that's not on the primary boot

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