Re: [hatari-devel] ATA packet writing questions

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> This is completely dead code right now. The IDE code has been copied
> from QEMU, but ATAPI support has never been enabled / tried in Hatari.
> IIRC I was also not aware of any Atari software which was able to use
> ATAPI - but sounds like HD-Driver is now able to do so?

Not just now: HDDRIVER has supported packet writing for ages, so ATAPI
drives and optical SATA drives work fine. Essentially this is sending
SCSI commands via the IDE port. The physical connection is different,
the commands are the same. hosts the
Connecting old hardware like the LS-120 or new hardware like DVD/BD/DVD-RAM
drives to the Atari's IDE port is plug and play. HDDRIVER can format/partition
the respective media and then read and write data from/to them just like
with hard disk drives.

> Anyway, this likely needs quite a bit of work to get in a usable shape
> in Hatari. I don't plan to work on this anytime soon, but if you get it
> working, patches are welcome.

I might play around a bit with it. I had no problems so far reading data
from an emulated QEMU CD-ROM drive.

Best regards


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