Re: [hatari-devel] Re: Problems with GEMDOS drive support

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On Freitag, 21. September 2018 10:33:49 CEST Vincent Rivière wrote:
> ARAnyM can do that for individual partitions (if you understand how it
> works), but it's broken for whole disks.

No, its always done for the whole image. And it works (at least now, after 
fixing the issue we discussed recently).

>Any emulator should be able to work with normal, non-byteswapped images. 

The reason why the data is swapped when reading from the IDE interface, is 
because emulators assume the image was previously attached to a falcon, where 
byteswapping was done by the hardware. That's also why it does not make sense 
to activate that option for single partitions only. The option is in fact only 
needed when the image was attached to a falcon with a twisted cable, or 
formatted on a PC. But its rather useful, because you can directly mount such 
images on linux.

>Hatari should have an option to disable its automatic byteswapping for 
>emulated IDE drives, then everything will be fine.

That only works then if the user swapped the image manually first. And the fix 
for the rootsector is still needed for existing images.

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