Re: [hatari-devel] Feature request: allow alternate mapping of Help/Undo keys

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On 2018-09-12 10:18, Thorsten Otto wrote:
> The attached patch should make it possible to use F11/F12 as help/undo keys, 
> if their default mapping (being used as shortcuts for Options/Fullscreen) has 
> been changed. Main reason for me is because a) F11/F12 are also used in other 
> emulators in this manner and b) more importantly, the other mappings of Help 
> (SDLK_HELP/SDLK_F13) are not present on most AT style keyboards.

The keys are already mapped to the PRINT and SCROLL-LOCK keys which
should be available on normal PC keyboards, too, so I don't quite see
the urgent need here.
And if you reconfigure the shortcut keys, you can also simply
reconfigure the keysym mapping via a file, too, can't you?


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