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Le 07/09/2018 à 18:28, Miro Kropáček a écrit :

I'm either totally blind or it's really not in the manual - how can I trace read and/or write access to a specific address? Sometimes having a trace breakpoint for a change isn't enough - for instance videl init/deinit happens many times with the same values but I still want to know when/where the access happened.

Right now I'm doing it in the dumbest way possible, trace cpu_disasm + grep ;-)


unfortunately it's not supported yet, as this requires to intercept all read/write acceses and can have much more impact on emulatoin speed than just checking PC value for example. It's still on my todo list to add some diffrerent memory handlers that would be enabled only when such breakpoints are used, to avoid slowing down emulation all the time.

So, you can't detect read access, but you can detect write accesses if the value is changed. For example :
b (0xff8260.b) ! (0xff8260.b)
will break each time resolution is changed in $ff8260.


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