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Am Tue, 28 Aug 2018 08:36:22 +0200
schrieb Thorsten Otto <admin@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> During debugging of MiNT, i encountered some quirks in Hatari (some
> of which may be known, as they might be related to using Falcon/TOS
> 4.04 emulation)
> - The FastForward option with Falcon/4.04 does not seem to work,
> during boot it hangs, after Mints message of "Installing keyboard
> table".

Did you move the mouse or press any keys during that phase?

> - debug output to rs232 does not seem to work, the file is created
> but always empty

I think that's kind of expected. Hatari only supports the serial port
that is wired to the MFP so far, but the Falcon used a different
hardware (Z85c30 if I get that right?).

> - when accidently running it twice, i get the message:
> ERROR: ERROR: cannot lock HD file for writing!
> (just cosmetic, duplicate ERROR:)


> - in early tests i also used TT emulation. Since MiNT in this case
> assumes that an SCC chip is present (it only looks at the _MCH cookie
> for this), it crashes because Hatari does not emulate that. I then
> uncommented the line in ioMemTabTT.c (which btw. is also active in
> ioMemTabFalcon.c), thus using dummy accesses. This attempt worked
> with EmuTOS, but at some point hangs when using TOS 3.06. JFI

Known issue, has been reported a couple of times already ... I keep
saying that somebody™ has to implement SCC emulation, but so far nobody
volunteered yet.


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