Re: [hatari-devel] Some findings

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On Samstag, 1. September 2018 09:03:09 CEST Thomas Huth wrote:
> Did you move the mouse or press any keys during that phase?

I pressed keys, yes, but i can't remember whether i moved the mouse.

>I think that's kind of expected. Hatari only supports the serial port
>that is wired to the MFP so far, 

I've have set debug device in mint to 1, that should be AUX, the serial port 
driven by MFP, and present in all Ataris. There was no error message or hang, 
just nothing written to the file (a regular file on the host, not some 

>Known issue,

Yes, expected that. Just a bit strange that it worked with EmuTOS, which also 
has very rudimentary support for serials, if at all. Maybe it would be an 
option to allow dummy accesses to the SCC registers if EmuTOS is detected, to 
avoid crashes in MiNT later.  But MiNT should also be fixed to not access 
them, instead of blindly assuming that they are present only because the _MCH 
type is TT.

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