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Am Sun, 26 Aug 2018 09:11:10 +0200
schrieb Uwe Seimet <Uwe.Seimet@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi Thomas,
> > No, that command line is good. You just hit a bug: I only tested the
> > emulation with the default SCSI ID 0 so far (i.e. I was using the
> > --scsi parameter without "1="), and apparently I forgot to set the
> > selected SCSI ID in one of the many variables. Should be fixed now!
> > 
> > Note that the SCSI code is is a "marriage" of Hatari's SCSI command
> > emulation layer (that has only been used for ACSI so far), with the
> > NCR5380 and SCSI bus state emulation code from WinUAE. It already
> > took quite a while to make them play nice together, so you likely
> > have to expect some more oddities here. Did I already mention that
> > it is still "experimental" ;-) ?  
> That's what I guessed :-). Anyway, the drive image is now detected by
> HDDRUTIL, but there are some issues with the emulation, which prevent
> me from using the image.
> When running SDRVTEST (available for download on 
> it reported some problems
> with the emulation, please see the attached log.

Ok, thanks a lot for the hint, I think I've found and fixed the bug with
the unsupported commands now. SDRVTEST now reports "OK" for a SCSI drive
attached with ID 0.
There still seem to be some problems with IDs > 0, though. E.g. with the driver is
initially loaded, but then fails to recognize the partition table. Do
you know what could be wrong here?


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