[hatari-devel] Re: Lethal Xcess sync scroll fails on ST

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Le 25/03/2018 à 03:17, Vincent Rivière a écrit :
On 28/05/2014 à 12:01, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Lethal Xcess has a calibration routine at start to compute values to
remove top border and this calibration is rather short. Result is rather
random, it works often in STF mode and works sometimes in STE mode.

Sorry to insist again...

I can't get Lethal Xcess working in ST mode (while it works fine in STe mode). Is it expected?

Using latest Hatari HG, freshly recompiled for Cygwin.

I still can't get Lethal Xcess working in ST mode. The sync scroll fails with skewed, unstable display.
Is this a known bug?

On the other hand, it works perfectly in STe mode.

Vincent Rivière

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