Re: [hatari-devel] Some findings

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On Dienstag, 28. August 2018 15:12:20 CEST Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
>  how do you
> set TTRAM to more than 256 MB,

By changing the configuration file :D

But the crash happens already with 256MB

>as this is normally capped in UI and command line to 256 MB ?

Is there a reason for that specific limit?

>Also, does it crash when just booting in normal falcon mode, or only 
>when mint is started ?

Crashes also without mint. I get to the desktop, then it takes ~2sec then 

>I don't see a call to munmap_chunk in Hatari's code)

I guess it's a message from glibc, when calling munmap().

>could you get a trace from gdb to see the backtrace 

Just tried, using the Debug version. But i had to first increase the 
MAX_MESSAGE_LEN to 66, otherwise i get an assertion. After that, the crash is 
gone (also with the Release version), so i guess it was just some memory being 

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