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During debugging of MiNT, i encountered some quirks in Hatari (some of which may be known, as they might be related to using Falcon/TOS 4.04 emulation)


- The FastForward option with Falcon/4.04 does not seem to work, during boot it hangs, after Mints message of "Installing keyboard table".


- debug output to rs232 does not seem to work, the file is created but always empty


- when accidently running it twice, i get the message:

ERROR: ERROR: cannot lock HD file for writing!
(just cosmetic, duplicate ERROR:)


- When configuring TTRAM 256MB or more, Hatari crashes with

munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer


- The message line seems to be too long again:


- in early tests i also used TT emulation. Since MiNT in this case assumes that an SCC chip is present (it only looks at the _MCH cookie for this), it crashes because Hatari does not emulate that. I then uncommented the line in ioMemTabTT.c (which btw. is also active in ioMemTabFalcon.c), thus using dummy accesses. This attempt worked with EmuTOS, but at some point hangs when using TOS 3.06. JFI


- several minimal confgurations here, where i boot mint with MP and only Toswin2/Teradesk, work when using TT emulation with EmuTOS, but when using TOS 4.04 the desktop is killed by a bus-error.


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