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Hatari supports nowadays INF file overriding for autostart & VDI mode
also for floppy/HD images, not just for GEMDOS HD drive.

When override is used without GEMDOS HD being C:, Hatari cannot read the existing INF and just override relevant parts of it, it has to use
Hatari's default INF content instead (there are separate ones for
TOS <v2, TOS >v2 and EmuTOS).

Unfortunately VDI mode handling was enabling INF overriding even when
VDI mode isn't set.

This was discussed in atari-forum couple of weeks ago. Back then it was
too hot in Finland to do any coding at home (at work we have A/C), but
I've now pushed a quick fix for it.  I'll do a more comprehensive one
after temperature comes down a bit more.

One question is what should be done about HD image + VDI mode combo?
VDI mode doesn't work properly without correct mode set INF file.

Should we in that case:
* Just do the INF file override and if user needs his INF file to be
  used, require user to put it on GEMDOS HD and use that as boot drive
  with the HD image?
* Or do we skip override and rely on user setting correct resolution
   for the VDI mode in the INF file that's on user's HD image?

Full fix needs to handle cases like:
* VDI mode being toggled at run-time for GUI or remote API
* Overriding being disabled for Falcon where VDI mode doesn't work,
  regardless of whether Falcon mode is set at start or changed later
  - Or somebody needs to debug & implement VDI mode support for Falcon

This requires:
* Adding more debug output so that I can verify all checks are done
  at right time (e.g. Falcon mode being always set before VDI checks)
* Debugging that all cases work fine:
  - VDI mode without HD / floppy image
  - VDI mode with HD / floppy image
  - No VDI mode with HD / floppy image
  - Autostart in combination of above items
  - These cases done from command line, GUI & remote API
  - With TOS <v2, >v2 and EmuTOS
* Fixing any issues

And later on coming up with some kind of automated testing for at
least subset of it for Hatari releases...  That automation naturally
will require user providing the TOS images for the tests.

	- Eero

On 08/01/2018 09:10 PM, Mariusz Buras wrote:
I seem to have the same issue with freshly built hatari. Worked fine on 2.1 official release.

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Subject: [hatari-devel] NEWDESK.INF is ignored on boot


I'm getting desperate. Is there any reason why my NEWDESK.INF (TOS 4.04) should be ignored? First I thought it's because GEMDOS HD emulation but as I've stopped using that, I must wonder what's wrong? I start hatari as:

hatari -c hatari.cfg

And nothing from my NEWDESK.INF is every applied. If I change resolution or manually read it from the desktop - no problem.

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