Re: [hatari-devel] The new "make test" automatic regression test suite

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On Samstag, 14. April 2018 14:05:52 CEST Thomas Huth wrote:
> The disadvantage here is that you can only use PRG files that use the
> supported subset of the GEMDOS emulation layer in Hatari.

But that also means your test environment is quite different from "normal" 
usage. Actually, a lot of Hatari cannot be testet this way (i didn't look at 
your mini-ROM yet, but i doubt that it tries to do much hardware 
initialization, like a real TOS would do). You don't even know if it is able 
to boot the ROM, according to the settings.

>The ROMs are rather big, 512k for the version
>that supports all machines, so each time we have to update the ROM
>image, the Hatari repository would grow by half a meg

Sure, but you want a reproducible environment i think, so that image will not 
be updated very often, maybe once or twice a year. And compressed it is maybe 
about 200k. Also, for most configurations, the 256k image should be good 

PS.: once the tests run automatically, it maybe be even possible to download 
some "official" ROM from a known location. You will need an internet 
connection anyway to clone the repo, and as long as you are not distributing 
the ROMs, there should be no legal issues (at least i think so)

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