Re: [hatari-devel] Where to find a good version of the phaleon démo?

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the test. This rang a bell to me : SDL2 generates this "keyboard buffer" problem ; whereas with SDL1, I don't have the problem.
So, this point is SDL relative, not hatari.

I still have the second bug : if I choose "normal loader" instead of "fast loader", hatari stops with double bus/address error => CPU halted !

I use tos 1.04 fr, 1 Meg RAM, atari STF emulation, no blitter, no FPU, ...

I choose the "shadow of the beast menu" and "normal loader" and it bugs. No bug with the fast loader.


Le 08/04/2018 à 08:09, Thomas Huth a écrit :
Am Sat, 7 Apr 2018 15:44:42 +0200
schrieb Laurent Sallafranque <laurent.sallafranque@xxxxxxx>:

I'm currently watching the phaleon demo from the link given by Thomas

Another remark : I'm using the main menu "Shadow of the beast) 1 meg
ram .

When I move the character with the  left/right  keys, it quickly
"slows and freeze" instead of running, as if a "keyboard buffer" is
full or something like that. I have to stop pressing the arrow key
and then, I can press it again.
Seems to work for me. Maybe double-check that you're using the right
TOS version and/or have not enabled joystick emulation via keyboard?


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