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Le 14/02/2018 à 19:15, Troed Sångberg a écrit :

So currently the released binary runs on 10.9+ but crashes with French ui

And with this patch I could release a new binary that would work on 10.6+, including French UI, but midi untested (to be fair, I assume it works).
IMHO I think that choice is easy, and I'll release a new binary when the patch has been merged (if Nicolas agrees of course).

Reading through the change.log* I could also see the utility in doing it on tip instead of backporting to the release revisions. That solves the wrong order of load config buttons as well, with no other major visible changes.


I think that given the small number of changes since tag for 2.1.0 was added in sources, we can still consider your new build would be 2.1.0-xx without going through the whole work of creating a 2.1.1 release.

I would then add a README in the ftp stating that this latest dmg should be used.

I do think many of these issues should have been found and fixed before release. I screwed up the DMG and not testing the Macports library compatibility myself, but the UI issues have been in the nightly builds for quite some time. Maybe there needs to be a release candidate built that we all try to test next time?

That's the "sad" story when doing a release (and we see this too when new version of major linux distro are released, even Windows and macOS face this) : no matter how many alpha builts you provide before the release, there will always be less testers than once the real release is made and the announcements are made everywhere :(

And if we consider the small "market" of Hatari users, a smaller number of beta testers amongst those is even lower :)

Of course this doesn't stop us from trying to do candidate builts next time, but we should not consider the lack of bug reporting on those candidate as a confirmation that all scenario were tested by users :)


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