Re: [hatari-devel] EmuTOS + 68040 + GEMDOS drive

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>>> vincent, which cpu settings are you using in your case ? "prefetch /
>>> compatible" mode, or "cycle exact" or none ?
>> forget this, it was stated in your message :) I will try to reproduce
>> this.
> hi
> thanks, issue is now fixed, it was a problem when data cache was not
> correctly flushed for cpu 68040/68060 (only instr cache was flushed)
> Toni, as flush_cpu_caches already flushes both instr+data caches for
> 68030, shouldn't it also flushes data cache for 68040/60 to be
> homogeneous ?

I don't see anything wrong. Except flush_cpu_caches() should not even
flush 68040+ instr cache unless "force is set because CACR writes will
never flush 68040+ caches.

CPUSH and friends are needed which should be handled correctly and call
flush_cpu_caches() (from flush_cpu_caches_040()) if it also flushes
instr cache.

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