Re: [hatari-devel] Changes to STOP/LPSTOP instruction

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Le 09/11/2017 à 11:50, Thorsten Otto a écrit :
On Donnerstag, 9. November 2017 11:34:09 CET Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Weird behaviour

That is indeed weird. Can't believe about such an oversight from the
developers. Of course nobody would normally do such a thing, but still...

Has that also been tested on 020/030? From how i understand the code, that
would not generate any privilege violation at all currently (or is cpu_level
== 4 in the generator already for 020+ ?)

Yes, Toni tested it on 680xx ; see the comment in newcpu.c about that (or in gencpu.c, I don't remember :) ).

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