Re: [hatari-devel] UAE 68030 MMU + prefetch + instruction and data cache emulation

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I've tested again.
Hatari now runs with MMU + 68030 cycle exact.
That's a good job.
This is the closest configuration for the Falcon emulation.

I've given a new try to xtasie and it works again (OK)
underscore demo still doesn't work (it was working with some previous versions of hatari).
I also think it's related to cycles exact between DSP and CPU.


Le 03/08/2017 à 16:22, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 02/08/2017 à 22:27, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 02/08/2017 à 19:41, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :

The MMU core freeze at startup (it doesn't start at all).
It reminds me a previous problem with an infinitite loop in the main CPU loop.

I've tried to start from the non MMU conf (it's OK) and activate the MMU + reboot from the gui (it freeze)

I've tried also to boot directly with the MMU (with hatari.cfg) : it freeze too


In my case, I see that falcon boots until it reaches the memory test, so there's a problem at this moment, I may have forgotten sthg while merging the new cpu part.
Does it also stops at memory test for you ?

OK, it's now fixed ; as discussed with Toni, the run_mmu030 functions needed some changes to count cycles depending on whether cycle exact mode was used or not, as the opcode handlers don't return a number of cycles in CE mode.


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