Re: [hatari-devel] FPU update

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> I made some patch files for each type of problem, could you (and Toni)
> consider merging them in Previous/WinUAE to ease porting later ?
> There're 6 patches ; they should be applied in the order fpu.1_xxx to
> fpu.6_xxx
> Only patch fpu.1 was applied to Hatari source for now, other patches are
> waiting for your opinion.

Patches look fine. (I didn't want to remove unused softfloat routines
until softfloat stuff is complete). I merged them (mostly 1:1) yesterday
and also added one more FRESTORE update from Andreas.

Now it is your task to find Atari programs that use arithmetic
exceptions and test them :)

I still haven't found any Amiga programs that bothers with them. Only
exception being Motorola 68040/68060 FPSP which isn't really
Amiga-specific. It uses overflow/underflow exceptions internally.

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