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Le 20/04/2017 à 19:59, Toni Wilen a écrit :
I made some patch files for each type of problem, could you (and Toni)
consider merging them in Previous/WinUAE to ease porting later ?

There're 6 patches ; they should be applied in the order fpu.1_xxx to

Only patch fpu.1 was applied to Hatari source for now, other patches are
waiting for your opinion.

Patches look fine. (I didn't want to remove unused softfloat routines
until softfloat stuff is complete). I merged them (mostly 1:1) yesterday
and also added one more FRESTORE update from Andreas.

Thanks, I noticed this today and already merged these changes into Hatari :) I still have a few warnings about unused functions that I need to look at and provide some patches.

Now it is your task to find Atari programs that use arithmetic
exceptions and test them :)

I still haven't found any Amiga programs that bothers with them. Only
exception being Motorola 68040/68060 FPSP which isn't really
Amiga-specific. It uses overflow/underflow exceptions internally.

Unfortunately, I never really coded on Falcon, neither owned one :( But some people on this list who have a falcon (doug and others) might help to find some examples (or maybe write some test programs)


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