[hatari-devel] Dekadence Payback and MadWizards: Kioea works well

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I've given another try to Dekadence Payback and MadWizards: Kioea demos.
They both work without any change with the current dev version of Hatari.

You just have to be very patient.

Dekadence demo starts after more than 2 minutes (I launched it with 68030, 32 bits memory, 64 Mo of RAM, 32 Mhz cpu and hatari running at full speed) The same for MadWizards demo. It takes even more time to start (nearly 5 minutes). You have to be very very patient to see it.

Of course, as it was coded for very fast and overclocked 68060 falcons, the result is very slow. But they both work.
(Compatibility list describe them both as freezing, which is wrong).


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