[hatari-devel] Intercepting memory accesses

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I'd like to bring up again debugger support for
intercepting memory accesses.  STeem debugger supports
that, so it can't be too expensive performance-wise...

Nicolas, didn't you have some patches for that?

I'd like to try them out to see what's their performance
impact (when interception is not enabled).  If it's
too heavy to have that enabled in default builds, at
least have it as a separate build option, which would
enable also additional debugger features.

Reason for looking into this is that Vincent asked for
support of specifying READ|WRITE|EXEC access rights for
specified memory areas (e.g. through NatFeats), so that
Hatari would invoke debugger if some instruction violates
those access restrictions.

This could be used to (for example) protect & detect
programs (games) trying to overwrite OS in-RAM structures,
and detecting over & underflows for whole stack or
individual stack elements (in OS and programs).

	- Eero

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