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You misunderstand my email. It's not about Hatari built-in debugger. It's
about Brainstorm's DSPDebug debugger application.


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On 12/29/2016 01:18 AM, Mariusz Buras wrote:
> I wanted to do some development over holiday season and thought I'll 
> make it easy and use Hatari for DSP development. Immediately I've 
> found an issue with DSP emulation where single stepping in DSPDebug 
> would step two instructions at once instead of one. I remember seeing 
> this few years ago too.

I'm not able to reproduce a situation with Hatari Falcon emulation (= WinUAE
030 CPU core + DSP emulation) where "trace dsp_disasm"
would output more than single instruction with "ds" DSP stepping.

Looking at the Hatari debugger source code, I don't see how that could
happen either.

Please describe your problem more in detail.

	- Eero

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