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On 11/21/2016 09:32 PM, Cocoa Pod wrote:
Not an etosXX version problem ! I use etos097 and Falcon windows is bad.
But, I found something. I use 2 versions of Hatari. One is binary from Hatari
site, other is version I compiled to day.
I open one, close it, then open the other, then close it  ... and so on.
Each time, at launch Hatari window is totally black with a  displayed alert.
Alert change depending witch version is opening ! 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 ? see below.
In config file I set "memory-autosave" to FALSE then alerts never appear.

I had to change the memory snapshot format a bit to fix Videl video
counter bug.  I.e. memory snapshot files aren't between 2.0 and latest
Mercurial version, that's why Hatari complains about it.

Running Hatari (from Hatari site) I set config to "8Mb Falcon ..." This is OK. I
close it.
I launch Hatari compiled. Window is bad immediately.

Hm.  VDI mode works with TOS v4.04 & EmuTOS 0.9.7 for Hatari 2.0,
but doesn't anymore work with Mercurial version of Hatari.

I.e. Hatari has regressed.

Thanks for reporting this so quickly!

	- Eero

I close it and relaunch the other Window is correct.
What I have to do now ?

I read: The Atari Monitor Dialog, The Hatari Screen Dialog and Emulated
Windows I get is not with Game. It's at Hatari launch, I never see Hatari
desktop !
I don't use TOS404, I use etos094. I compile with SDL205.
So, I don't understand where is my problem.
My installation: MBPro OS X 10.11.6, Xcode 8.0.

To make sure it's not an EmuTOS problem, you could upgrade to 0.9.6 (that's
what's shipped with Hatari 2.0 IIRC).

	- Eero

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