Re: [hatari-devel] Fix display of Atari logo with extended VDI resolutions

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On 16.11.2016 07:40, Thorsten Otto wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 November 2016 22:39:10 Thomas Huth wrote:
>> Indeed, I don't like the approach with the line-A init very much...
>> couldn't you simply write the values directly into the pAtariLogo2
>> array instead?
> Are they already known when TOS is patched? And where do i get them from? I 
> could not find a function in screen.c or video.c that tells me that.

I think you could use VDIWidth * VDIPlanes / 8 to calculate the current
line length in bytes. But that of course only works in VDI mode - that's
basically also why I suggested the TP_VDIRES below.

> Also the 
> data (pNewData) is declared const, so patching it afterwards is a bit dirty.

You could also write the values to the ROM region after the generic
patching - with STMemory_WriteWord().

>> Also, it would be nicer to only patch TOS here if VDI mode is enabled,
>> so introducing a TP_VDIRES marker instead of using TP_ALWAYS would be
>> better, I think.
> You could do that, but strictly it is not neccessary. Actual the only 
> difference between the patch and the original version is that the values from 
> LineA are used instead of fixed values based on the resolution.
> Oh, and another notice. Instead of patching out all the ROM crc checks you 
> could just update the CRC after patching. If you want, i can supply a patch 
> for that, too.

Is that easier? We'd need to calc the CRC in that case, so I guess it's
rather easier if we skip the CRC check in TOS?


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