[hatari-devel] bad screen rendering with Falcon/TT + vdi ?

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as reported here :

Falcon with extended vdi resolution 1024x768 gives bad rendering.

I can see the same if I use 672x480 (instead of the default 640x400) : gfx are shifted on each line as if the correct number of bytes per line was not applied.

Same problem happens with TT mode and tos and extended vdi res of 672x480.

I'm not too familiar with VDI mode as I rarely used it, maybe I need some other config parameters ?

Note that only the Atari logo is distorted during boot. After that the GEM desktop appears and is correct, except only the top of the desktop is visible, the rest is just white.

The problem during boot might be because vdi is not used by tos this early in the boot process ? After that memory test is correctly displayed.

Display is bad too under Hatari 1.9, but desktop was correct under 1.8 ; is this a regression ?


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