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Am Sat, 6 Aug 2016 18:42:19 +0200
schrieb Thomas Huth <th.huth@xxxxxx>:

> Am Sun, 26 Jun 2016 16:10:46 -0500
> schrieb Bob Carpenter <hatari@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> > I have a quick question. Even when I set the system type to MegaSTE
> > and my CPU is set to 16Mhz, I do not see the ability to select the
> > CPU speed in the General control panel extension. I am simply
> > curious since it is different than an actual MegaSTE. Obviously, I
> > can change the CPU speed in the Hatari preferences.
> > 
> > Before we had the ability to set the machine type as a MegaSTE, I
> > can see why the CPU speed did not appear. Now, it is surprising to
> > me since Hatari is just almost identical to an ST or STE.
> > 
> > Does anyone else see this or does everyone else see the CPU speed in
> > the General control panel extension?  
> I also don't see it. According to SYSINFO.PRG, the _MCH cookie in the
> cookie jar also contains 0x00010000, which is a plain STE. I think the
> value should be different on a Mega STE ... according to TOS HYP at
> the right value should be 0x00010010 instead. So TOS somehow fails to
> detect the emulated Mega-STE of Hatari as a Mega-STE ... anybody any
> ideas what could be wrong here?

Ok, never mind, I've found it: TOS 2.06 uses this sequence to check for
the Mega-STE:

$00e003ee : 203c 0001 0000             move.l    #$10000,d0
$00e003f4 : 2278 0008                  movea.l   $0008.w,a1
$00e003f8 : 244f                       movea.l   sp,a2
$00e003fa : 21fc 00e0 040c 0008        move.l    #$e0040c,$0008.w
$00e00402 : 4a38 8e09                  tst.b     $ffff8e09.w
$00e00406 : 303c 0010                  move.w    #$10,d0
$00e0040a : 6016                       bra.s     $e00422
$00e0040c : 4240                       clr.w     d0
$00e0040e : 2e4a                       movea.l   a2,sp
$00e00410 : 21fc 00e0 0422 0008        move.l    #$e00422,$0008.w
$00e00418 : 4a39 fff0 0039             tst.b     $fff00039
$00e0041e : 303c 0008                  move.w    #8,d0
$00e00422 : 21c9 0008                  move.l    a1,$0008.w
$00e00426 : 2e4a                       movea.l   a2,sp
$00e00428 : 20fc 5f4d 4348             move.l    #'_MCH',(a0)+
$00e0042e : 20c0                       move.l    d0,(a0)+

That means it checks a register from the VME bus ($ff8e09) to check
whether it is running on a Mega STE or not. I've now added that
register (as a dummy) to Hatari, so the Mega STE is now detected
correctly and XCONTROL shows up the frequency setting, too.


PS: Anybody knows what this other test ($F00039) is about?

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