Re: [hatari-devel] From a short trip to Windows land

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On 05/15/2016 02:23 PM, Thomas Huth wrote:
I had to work around some GCC-isms and some minor header file
problems that we had in the recent Hatari sources, but then I was
finally able to compile a Hatari.exe binary and to see the little green
desktop here, too.

Some comments on your changes:

* Variable length arrays are C99 feature.  Are there
  still Visual Studio versions which don't support C99?

*  "Remove __attribute__((packed) from struct partition.
    Since all members of this struct are aligned to their
    natural boundaries, there should not be any padding here
    and we thus can get rid of the compiler-specific attribute."

-> Structs can have their own padding requirements in architecture
   ABIs.  For example 32-bit longs have 4-byte alignment, but
   structures may have 8-byte alignment.

   The case where you removed packing attribute should be fine
   though as its size is aligned to much larger size.

* You broke NatFeats SCSI message.  It's about media change
  notifications on *systems with udev*. On other systems
  the code works fine without that support.

	- Eero

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