[hatari-devel] GEMDOS emulation messed up internal variables after repeated coldstart?

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Hello all,

some of you might have noticed that I'm currently developing a little
Harddisk menu system to launch games.

My program runs from C:\AUTO and accesses a database file C:\hdmenu.csv
with plain GEMDOS calls.
At the first boot of Hatari all works well, my program finds its
database. After AltGr+c or even AltGr+r, Hatari finds the AUTO folder
program and runs it but my application does not find its resources
anymore in C:

As i do not change directories, however I am assuming that at boot tim,
the path is always C:\ although files from C:\AUTO are run. I remember
this behaviour since the early 90s and TOS 1.00

Does Hatari forget to clean up some Gemdos emulation internals? I tried
placing my program on a floppy image and there the behaviour is as
expected, it always finds A:\HDMENU.CSV so I assume it is related to
GEMDOS drive emulation.

Hatari build is from Mercurial 16 April 2016, dunno exact time.


PS: I plan an official release of my program this weekend so you can
check it out with the troublemaker itself.


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