Re: [hatari-devel] emutos-ram and GEMDOS drive emulation

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On 03/31/2016 04:09 AM, Thomas Huth wrote:
Am Thu, 31 Mar 2016 01:11:30 +0200
schrieb Vincent Rivière <vincent.riviere@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

On 07/03/2016 00:34, Vincent Rivière wrote:
1) Hatari must allow to initialize the GEMDOS emulation a second

For the same reason, Hatari GEMDOS drive emulation does not work
after a software reset (Ctrl+Alt+Del).

That's also true for the original TOS (at least for those versions that
support that keyboard combination, like TOS 2.06).
I've committed a fix now (slightly based on your original patch).
Thanks for your detailed report!

While EmuTOS works with this version, and TOS >= v2,
all the older TOS versions get now double bus error
right at start if GEMDOS HD or tracing is enabled:
Bus error wput at 0041fffe
Bus Error at address $41fffe, PC=$fc0170 addr_e3=fc0174 op_e3=3302
Illegal instruction: 000a at 08FA02E2 -> 04FC0B0A

I.e. for some reason PC value returned by WinUAE M68000_GetPC()
has garbage data on the highest byte, and therefore your check
for cartridge area address doesn't match.


	- Eero

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