[hatari-devel] Problem with Duochrome mode (ST High) in TT emulation

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I'm in the process of implementing (in EmuTOS) full TOS3 VDI functionality for 
TT video hardware, in all its strange modes ;-).  Since I like to use Hatari 
for EmuTOS testing, I'm testing Hatari's TT video hardware emulation at the 
same time.  I'll post here anything I find wrong.  My first problem report 
follows below.

In video.c, function Video_UpdateTTPalette(), for duochrome/ST high mode, the 
colours are taken from the first and last TT colour.  This is wrong.  The 
background ('0') colour is taken from TT register 254, the foreground ('1') 
colour is taken from TT register 255, and bit 1 (Note, 1!) of TT register 0 is 
used as an invert bit; if set, the colours are switched.

Tested on a real TT, and documented in "Atari TT030 Hardware Reference Manual".


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