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a short bug report regarding recording video with BMP codec.

It appears that the first scanline is cropped away. Then it reads one scanline too far in the bottom generating a grey or white line.

The actual emulator window looks OK and the PNG recording is OK as well.

I've tested with the latest released 1.9.0 on OS X and also installed the latest Ubuntu 15.10 with Hatari 1.8.0 (that seems to be the latest in Ubuntu repo). Both OS X and Linux versions behave the same.

I made a program that removes top/lower borders and put some colour bars, this is how it looks in the emulator window:


It is the same on Linux/OSX with the blue colour in the first scanline.

Then testing video recording with PNG (VLC screenshots)

All is good.

And finally, testing video recording with BMP (again, VLC)


Half the first blue line is cropped. It means that it crops one line of host machine line, not emulated machine line. And at the bottom we get the grey line which shouldn't be there.

Hopefully an easy bug to fix.

Happy new years!

Anders Eriksson
ae@xxxxxx     http://www.dhs.nu/
ae@xxxxxxxxx  http://www.atari.org/

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