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Le 22/11/2015 23:18, Bob Carpenter a écrit :

I saw that post as well. However, in both the current development version and the 1.9.0 released version, the blitter is turned on if I use TOS 2.06. I have a special MegaSTe configuration that uses TOS 2.06 UK and sets the CPU to 16Mhz. When I look at the GEM desktop, the blitter is turned on. I have not run any system tests to confirm that it is really on, but Anarcho Ride seemed to be fluid for me when I ran it in this configuration.

Bob C


I think this depends on the machine being emulated :

- TOS 1.62 is STE only, so machine will be forced to STE, which implies blitter ON, because STE always have a blitter.

- But if TOS 2.06 is compatible with STF (and I think it is), then I see no reason why TOS 2.06 should turn blitter ON when the machine is set to STF.

Note that Steem is supposed to be STE mode by default, so blitter will be turned on, whatever the TOS is.

I don't see any bug here, looks like a wrong machine choice in the settings.


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