[hatari-devel] Pixel aspekt ratio

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Recently I realized that graphics I made on my Mac and displayed in Hatari did not look the same as when I viewed it on my ST. On the ST everything was stretched out vertically.

I couldn't really understand why, so I started looking for discussions on Atari ST pixel sizes, and found the following:

"and later on the 16-bit Atari ST (low-resolution 320×200 pixels) each pixel was roughly .9×1"


Going by the above I stretched the graphics by a factor 1.11 horizontally and all of a sudden a photo taken from the graphics as displayed on the ST matched perfectly what was displayed in Hatari.

Is this a general thing with modern monitors having square pixels so that an emulator with 1:1 mapping will always display things "compress" vertically compared to what was originally designed for target?

If so, should Hatari offer the option to not do 1:1 mapping but stretch vertically to try to display content as close to what it would look like natively?

Sorry if this is a topic that has been debated to death before, it was new to me when I stumbled upon it.


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