[hatari-devel] Hard disk emulation (device files) issues

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Hi all,

When using the device file of a 2.9 TeraByte drive as a hard disk image for
Hatari on Linux I noticed two problems:

1. The ACSI emulation only reports a capacity of 1565565872 sectors (782 GB)
for this drive, and higher sector numbers are indeed not accessible.
2. The IDE emulation does not seem to support more than 2^28 sectors,
even though the sources seem to indicate that 2^48 sectors (LBA48)
should be possible.

I'm not sure whether I am going to investigate this, but in any case I
would like to know whether there are any known limits or problems with
device files. Does anybody know?

By the way, with the SCSI Driver, i.e. without using the IDE/ACSI
emulation layer, I can access the same drive with its full capacity ;-).

Take care


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