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torstai 22 lokakuu 2015 12:31:18 Uwe Seimet kirjoitti:
> The attached diffs add libudev support to the SCSI Driver, on systems
> where libudev is available.

I think that your CMake stuff has the issue that it checks udev header
and library separately, but doesn't check that both are present.
Both are needed to get a working binary.

(If header is missing, linking udev is redundant.  If library
is missing, compiling stuff with udev header fails to linking

Besides note in readme.txt about libudev, IMHO note about
it should be output at the end of the CMakeLists.txt file,
like is done with the other libraries.

Could you send an updated version?

	- Eero

PS. Nicolas, SCSI drv adds only couple of KB to Hatari
size even with libudev support:
$ size src/CMakeFiles/hatari.dir/nf_scsidrv.c.o
   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
   4918       0     640    5558    15b6 

(Real executable size increase can be less than
the object file code/data/bss size.)

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