Re: [hatari-devel] a rare F030 incompatibility

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Le 16/10/2015 10:52, Douglas Little a écrit :

I was testing some old stuff (a prototype version of Apex) and noticed
that it won't run under Hatari - it throws bus errors immediately.

The same program runs ok on my F030.

Looking more closely, the the code is checking for a HW digitizer using
an unusual address range:


DIGICTRL        =    $FFF20000
DIGIPAGE        =    $FFF40000

I think this was the address space for the F030 Expose digitizer which I
did support in a few programs.

I don't know if anyone else still has one of these - or more
importantly, how many programs will try to check for it - but it might
be nice to make that space readable in supervisor mode, as seems to be
the case on real HW.


do you have some pointer to some doc describing this memory area ? Or maybe it's specific to this board which uses MMU to map its register between f20000 and f40000 ?


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