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> > Looks to me as if the existing features are mainly related to the debugger.
> Thats maybe because Hatari does not need anything else yet. There are quite some more features implemented in eg. Aranym.
> > is there a preferred way of doing that, some kind of extension point, some guideline?
> I dont't think that there is a general guideline. There are is bit of documentation on Native Features Intro [ARAnyM Wiki] that covers the basic features. Most features use sub-id 0 to identify their interface version, and i would recommend to do this for any new feature. Anything else largely depends on what your feature implements.

I'm currently experimenting with a (Linux-only) SCSI Driver implementation
that gives seamless, direct access to devices. It maps SCSI Driver calls
to the Linux sg interface. 8 or 9 calls have to be mapped.

The basics are working already, see attached screenshot. I have not
dared yet to write something to a drive, though ;-).

Take care


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